MRN | Activities
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this is what we do

We are active in the Handy size segment but, following the specific requirements of our customers, also conduct business with smaller and larger volumes. We mainly work on the spot market and assist our principals in fixing voyages as well as time charter trips or periods.

Our clients may count on our expert advice about the specifics of a given trade, risk assessment prior to entering into contract, which type of Charter Party and subsequent clauses are most suitable in order to protect their interests and avoid costly disputes.

On request we provide our customers with shipping market analysis of present and future trends. Our main commodities consist of grains, agricultural products, fertilizers, steels, concentrates, non-ferrous metals, minerals, scrap.

Our Liquid specialties include bulk chemicals and acids. On behalf of our usual traders we mainly work parcels of 3/10000 mt from Far East to Continent. Occasionally we fix coastal shipments of the same commodities within Continent and the Mediterranean.

  • Market research
  • Negotiation and conclusion of Charter Parties
  • Voyages and time charter trips or periods
  • Post-fixing operations
  • Liaison with shippers, receivers and agents
  • Follow-up of payments
  • Laytime calculations
  • Assistance in claims handling

feel free to ask & suggest